Saturday, January 26, 2013

sweet names.

I loooooove painting these boards for the littles....I love  remembering that each one has a purpose & I pray that their purpose will be realized early.  These are some I have done recently & I have got to remember to take more pictures of the things that leave my hands!  Will try to do better.  It's fun to see my painting change over time.
So,....I'm open for business & painting a lot these days so let me know if you've got someone special in your life who needs a name board.
They are $23  $25(changed Jan 2013) each & i can certainly ship to wherever.
Will work out an order form (fingers crossed) but for now, just continue to message me with colors, design, name & any other details you are wanting.

Friday, January 25, 2013

These boards are approximately 17" long & 6"wide.  And are $18/each
I often have some of these size in stock....I love to have Scripture around my house.  Constant reminders help my heart daily.  And with littles in the house & often a too busy schedule, I like to shrink it down.
"Love never fails" is one I have meditated on for well over a year now....a concept I know so well...but my heart tends to forget.
I love having "be beautiful inside" for my little girls' eyes to see always.
These make great gifts to keep on hand!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


These are so fun.  Once upon a time, a wise mother told me about how she read out of the book of Proverbs every single morning with her boys.....& I thought how great that would be....& then as discouraged because breakfast alone was going so quickly.  But if it were already there....written down...then maybe we would have a better shot at starting our days right.  So, the placemats came to be.  These are double sides & most of them have Christmas themes on the other side...which is just perfect since you don't have to pack up your Christmas palcemats!!! Just use this side throughout the year!
These are $12.50/ea
I do have a few single sided placemats for $9.
Email me at for more info.